Our Custom Marketing Videos will help you get your message out to the masses! Via email marketing, internet marketing and social media marketing. The possibilities are limitless!!

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Email & Background Images

Capture your message here with the Email and Background Images, peeking interest in what your message is about!

E-Commerce Chalk Board

Deliver your custom message on the Chalk Board as seen here!

Marketing Center Perks

This video was created specifically for promoting timngeo marketing centers! If you are a timngeo member, you can use it to promote or simply replace the images and text to create a custom video specifically for your needs.

Smart Search Engine

Use the Smart Search Engine to search and showcase what you want your views to read about you. How's that for controlling the results. Cool right?

Cool Cinematic

Wow what a cool, dramatic and intense delivery this video template will deliver spotlighting your descriptions. So fun and cool!

Your Tube Search

Your Tube Search allow you to creative search for your business/service/product and the results that magically appear.

Book/Product Promo
Webinar Wonder

Time is a ticking! Deliver your time sensitive message, promotion, reminder, etc with this count down template, that will encourage your viewers to act fast!

Wellness or Whatever

Beautiful way to showcase Wellness products or any other items you would like to showcase in this beautiful template. It's sure to deliver in a beauty up whatever you choose.

Typewriter Tempo

Remember the old days when the typewriter was writers' dream, a secretary's precious tool. If you would like to deliver your message and bring back the memory of the tempo of the tool that the computer replaced long time ago, This is for you!!

Penny Saver For Sale

Ever thought about having your own advertising business, now you can! You and even purchase one or more available cities to build and offer our services by selling ads to others. Go Get Your City Now!!!

Welcome to Animated Marketing Videos

We special in creating short intro marketing videos on demand. Simply choose a template and submit the images and/text that you would like to appear in your video and it will be created for you within 72 hours upon receipt of payment.

Please contact us with any questions/concerns

Animated Marketing Videos

Email: animatedmarketingvideos4u@gmail.com